4 Most Reputed Music Schools in the World

If you’ve got a talent in music, you’d certainly want to develop it to the highest extent possible. You can not only develop your talent but also transform it into a rewarding career by taking the right steps. Enrolling in one of the best music schools is one of those first steps to get started your musical journey. There are certain benefits that come with such music schools.

For one, they equip you with the right skills and knowledge in music. Another great benefit is that you’ll get the opportunity to build a relationship with some key people in the industry. So, if you’re considering enrolling in one of the most reputed music schools in the world, we’ve got a few options:

1. The Royal Academy of Music

Located in London, United Kingdom, The Royal Academy of Music has a 2:1 professors to students ratio. It is one of the oldest and finest music schools in the world for contemporary as well as classical music. This music school was founded by John Fane and Nicolas-Charles Bochsa in 1822.

Eight years later, it received its royal charter from King George IV. With an excellent professors to students ratio, you’ll get closely monitored music lessons. However, it has a low acceptance rate. This is because many music aspirants from different parts of the world want to get into this prestigious institution.

2. The University of Music and Performing Arts

Austria has produced legendary musicians such as Mozart, Strauss, and Shubert. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that it is also home to a large music school. The University of Music and Performing Arts is located in Vienna, the Austrian capital.

It covers all sorts of music and also awards music, movie, and theater degrees. However, you’ll need to be proficient in the German language to enroll in this music school. The native music aspirants and German speakers probably won’t get a better music school than this one.

3. Conservatoire de Paris

Next in the list is Conservatoire de Paris, yet another music school that’s one of the oldest in the world. It accepts only 30 students from all over the world each year. This is why you’ll need to do some serios thinking before applying to this music school. It was founded in the late 18th century and formerly included drama along with music and dance.

Located in the French capital, Paris, this institution gives you the best education in music. Over the past 200 years, it has produced many famous French musicians, such as Gabriel Faure and Paul Abraham Dukas. Claude Debussy, one of the most influential music composers, was also a student of Conservatoire de Paris.

4. Berklee College of Music

This music school located in Boston, United States of America, is among the world’s renowned music schools. It is well-known for having a modern curriculum and is the world’s largest independent college of contemporary music.

The acceptance rate is quite high in Berklee College of Music, as it can accommodate a big number of students. They also have a wide range of online courses in music. You can learn something new and get certified without having to physically attend the classes.

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